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Unbelievable Facts About Decks And Docks

There are several reasons why your deck or dock may need to be rebuilt. Read on to discover why your deck or dock may need to be rebuilt. You may also learn that dock spiders and other insects can cause severe damage to your structure. Below, we will look at seven of the most common causes of decks and docks west palm beach collapse and what species they can drive.

Common causes of deck collapse

There are several common causes of deck collapse, and the most common one is improper ledger board installation. Without proper attachment, it is easy for a deck to collapse. In this case, you must consult with a qualified personal injury attorney immediately. Failure to adhere to building codes is another common cause. A lack of flashing can also cause a deck to collapse. A well-built deck will be well-supported by joists and stringers.

Wood rot is another common cause of deck failure. The moisture content in the wood is above 19 percent, and this is the ideal time for rot to begin. Wood rot is nature’s way of recycling deadwood. While treated wood may last longer, it will eventually rot. If it isn’t treated, you can buy rubber tiles that can be applied over the decking and prevent it from rotting. Even then, you can still file a personal injury lawsuit.

Common signs that you need to build a new dock

The foundation of your dock may be showing signs that you need to replace it. Water can damage the foundation, causing the platform to fall into the water. The foundation is bending, indicating that it’s time to rebuild the dock. 

Wooden pilings are commonly affected by rotting. Water soaks deeply into wooden parts, eating away at the surface. Wet wood rot accelerates the rotting rate and can eventually cause the dock platform to collapse. Fortunately, you can prevent rotting by applying waterproof paint to your dock. However, if the wood is extensively affected, you should consider building a new dock.

Other signs that you need to build a new boat dock are structural damage, rot, and other damages. Although proper maintenance can extend the life of your dock, it is not a good idea to wait any longer to replace it. Ultimately, a damaged dock can cause injury or even death. This can be expensive, so it’s best to get a new dock before it’s too late.

Common materials used in deck construction

Cedar is one of the most popular materials used in deck construction and can be durable enough to last over thirty years. Unlike other woods, it is relatively lightweight and easy to work with. Its natural tannins make it resistant to decay, infestation, and rot. In addition, it is remarkably inexpensive, as it can be found readily in Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies. If you’re adamant about the longevity of your deck, you can choose a cedar board from these regions.

Composite decking is an excellent option if you want to minimize the environmental impact of your project. Composite materials contain wood fiber and are more affordable, but they also require maintenance. Composite materials will also require more joists than wood, and some composite products have a minimum joist spacing of 16 inches. This means you’ll need more posts than you would for a traditional wood deck, but they’re a better option than pressure-treated wood.

Common species of dock spiders

If you’ve seen the webs of common species of dock spiders on your deck or dock, you may be wondering how to get rid of them. In fact, these creatures tend to breed in the same areas. Dock spiders rely on water to feed, so they’ll also breed there. Their tent-like webs reel in flies and other bugs. Common dock spiders can be found worldwide in wet and boggy areas.

Fortunately, these spiders do not bite unless necessary. Therefore, contact with them is harmless unless you’re allergic to their venom. While dock spiders may be small and unobtrusive, they can cause serious harm if touched. They prefer areas near water, and they can infest swimming pools and docks. In such cases, it’s best to keep your distance and enjoy your time on your dock.

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