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3 Cost Effective Energy Upgrades for Your Home

Whether your home is relatively new or old enough to contend for historical status, electrical system upgrades are a great way to make sure you are safely and efficiently delivering power to every room in the house. Whether you’re expanding the capacity of your breaker box, rewiring old systems with updated infrastructure, or simply adding a few outlets to key rooms, safety is key. Here are three improvement ideas that can save you a lot of money, but in the interests of safety, please let a licensed professional take care of any major electrical projects unless you have professional experience with the work yourself.

1. Expanded Breaker Box Capacity

Older homes sometimes have breaker boxes set up to handle lower electrical capacities than a modern home needs. From power tools to big screen televisions, modern lifestyles require a lot of amperage. If your home is set up for less than 150 amps overall, consider an upgrade to make sure you’re not overloading the system when you run multiple appliances. This is also a great opportunity to expand the breaker capacities for high traffic areas, as well as a chance to add new circuits with additional outlets. Professional wiring and panel installation Philadelphia can take care of the whole operation in a single pass.

2. Green Home Features

If you’re interested in adding solar panels or other alternative power options to your home, professional electricians are trained to help integrate the new systems with your existing breaker box and power connections, allowing you to draw off the local grid as needed while generating as much of your own energy as possible. Existing green systems can also count on professionals for increased storage capacity, system maintenance, and other important tasks.

3. Smart Energy Systems

Smart energy meters and outlets help you understand your power use so you can identify ways to make it more efficient when you need to control costs. If you’re thinking about a smart home energy system, professional installation from a qualified team is a great way to make sure you have someone to help you walk through all its features.

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