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3 Great Ways to Add Unique Curb Appeal to Your Home

Wondering how you can spruce up your yard and make it more eye-catching? Here are three unique ways to add some major curb appeal to your home.

1. Install Window Boxes

If you want a quick way to add some color to your yard, consider installing some simple window boxes beneath the windows of your home’s façade. For homes with a more traditional style, boxes made from iron or copper provide a classic look. If your home features a more rustic or cottage-like look, boxes made of wood are the perfect complement. Treat the wood with a paint or stain and fill the boxes with blooming annuals or perennials that work with the lighting conditions of the area.

2. Create Living Borders

What should you do with unsightly property lines? Instead of leaving these areas bare, give them some visual interest and color by planting floral borders. When creating a floral border, choose plants that will give the area some year-round color. In addition to blooming bulbs which add color in the warmer seasons, include some herbaceous plants and berry bushes like winterberry holly to add pops of color even when the weather is cool.

3. Light the Landscape

Since you’ve put in plenty of hard work to update the landscaping of your yard, you need to showcase that work with quality landscape lighting. The experts in landscape lighting Elyria OH will develop a strategy to highlight the unique features of your plantings, as well as the architectural features of your home’s exterior. This finishing touch makes your home look much more attractive and charming, especially after the sun goes down.

Distinguish your home from the rest of the neighborhood by taking on these great curb appeal projects. If you follow these tips and make these improvements, you’ll create lasting curb appeal that reflects the pride you take in your home.

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